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August 17, 2017

Third Love

Lets talk Ta-Tas. Specifically, mama Ta-Tas.

Oh, it’s a bizarre moment when you wake up three days postpartum with boobs the size of watermelons. They hurt, they leak, they stretch to unrealistic dimensions and they are responsible for keeping your kid alive, #nopressure.  Real moment, I’ve never felt so insecure in my life. I still had a pooch where my abs use to live, I was wearing an adult diaper and my boobs looked pregnant. So I did what any self-respecting new mom does, drove to my nearest Target to look for a bra to contain these beasts and to help me feel normal. Welp, an hour later and Target had failed me. I left in tears with my giant granny bra in hand. It worked, if by worked you mean that it somehow covered me up and came undone for nursing. It was hideous, uncomfortable, overly stretchy and not at all what I wanted to wear for the next year but it was the only option I could find. I scoured many online stores and even Nordstrom but was left with my flesh colored Target Ta-Ta hammock.

I probably wouldn’t have been as disappointed if I hadn’t had the most amazing bras prior to being pregnant. I had a bra that was cute, supportive and FIT. Once you have had that, mediocre boob support is not okay. It’s kind of like eating McDonalds everyday after your use to havING steak for dinner. You get the picture. Anyways, the only issue was that the company who made my unicorn bra did not break into the world of leaky boobs quite yet.

So imagine my excitement when they recently announced that they had released a nursing bra in every size imaginable that wasn’t hideous (gasp!) actually, it was pretty and it supportive. I couldn’t place an order quickly enough. It got here in two days which was awesome. When UPS pulled in the driveway I raced to the front door in my trampoline bra while my boobs juggled all over the place. I obviously opened the box as quickly as possible and immediately tried my new bra on. My boobs were hoisted into their original intended placement and looked normal once again. Do you hear the angels singing hallelujah? Oh wait, that was me.

I am not even kidding you guys, this bra is everything. It has nursing clips, adjustable straps, front closure, wire or wireless and the best fit you have ever seen. Third Love also makes their bras in half sizes which is life-changing, if you haven’t tried it your missing out.

In conclusion, this bra is on the pricier side but definitely worth it. The bras that Third Love makes are high quality and won’t break down like your Vicky Secret ones. If there is one thing that makes you feel normal after the craziness that is having a baby then I say it’s worth it. Cheers to cute bras and a company that heard the squalling of basic bitches like me complaining about not having an awesome nursing bra.

My 1950s saggy Target bra is now gone, happily never to be seen again.

Third Love Nursing Bra

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