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November 17, 2018

The Target Mom’s Holiday and Black Friday Gift Guide

I am so excited to release my first ever Holiday and Black Friday gift guide. I underestimated how time consuming blogging would be but I really enjoyed putting this together. Most of the items listed are things I own and have used for awhile now or they are producst that I plan on buying this season. I hope you find some useful gifting ideas and are able to check stuff off your list early this year. Please read the descriptions below each photo for the links to each item and a description of why I recommend it and where you can find the best pricing. Cheers!The Target Mom holiday gift guide for toddlers and black friday1. Home Body by Joanna Gaines, my new favorite read with the most amazing interior spaces and tips for designing // 2. L.L. Bean Slippers that have a one year warranty, so you can trade them in as they breakdown  // 3. His and Her mugs // 4. Wooden Dollhouse *high quality* and so fun, Hadley loves her // 5. Instant Pot – if you don’t have one of these now is the time to get one, this is the best time of year and it will be your new best friend in the kitchen // 6. Candelles make the perfect gift and you can have these shipped directly to your friends or loved ones. They usually have awesome promotions so contact me if you decide to order some so I can check all the codes for you. // 7. Initial Necklace, I have one of these that Blake gifted me when Hadley was born and it’s my favorite accessory. I wear it daily and it has held up so well. 8. My favorite, favorite, favorite dress ever. I own it in 4 colors (covers eyes) it’s flattering on everyone and is perfect with or without tights, boots or heels or a jacket. // 9. This book is such a treasure, it’s all about creating positive thinking and prompts you to make lists once a week with topics like “list what you are thankful for” it’s a great gift and tool for the New Year.

*don’t forget to use your Target Debit Card if you are purchasing online so you can get free 2 day shipping and an additional 5% off*

The Target Mom holiday gift guide for toddlers and black friday I’ll be the first to admit that my toddler gift list is not super pretty to look at but I love each and every single item on here. We try really hard to navigate away from screen time by giving Hadley things that require her to use her imagination and have a great quality. // 1. This wood puzzle rack was given to me by a friend for Hadley’s birthday and I am obsessed with it. It keeps all the puzzles picked up and it makes it easy to sort through which ones she wants to play with. // 2. Reusable sticker book, they make several versions of this and we have the farm one. It’s definitely a fun book and doesn’t have the mess factor of real stickers. // 3. Little board books with classic stories, we are in a phase of board books and I love finding ones with cute illustrations and short pages. // 4. Color Mess Free anything is wonderful, these are essentially magic markers that only work on the coloring pages, we use them a lot on cold and rainy days. // 5. This is going to change your life for the better, these Water Wow Pads are amazing, they are great for the car, doctor’s office, plane rides and church. I have one stashed in the car, diaper bag and stroller. // 6. Boogie board for kids, these are awesome for restaurants or something like church they are basically and LCD doodle pad and pen that erases with the touch of a button, bonus: they only cost $10-$20. // 7. Melissa and Doug wood puzzles, these have been great for helping Hadley identify different things. We take three or four of the puzzles and mix all the pieces together so she can sort through them and place them back where they go, kind of like memory and a puzzle mixed together. The Target Mom holiday gift guide for toddlers and black friday Confession: I own all of these things already haha. I love them though and that’s why I wanted to share them. 1. First up we have the Artisan KitchenAid Mixer with a glass bowl. I use this multiple times a month and it’s gorgeous to look at. It comes with a 5qt bowl and all the metal attachments. I personally like the Artisan series more than the standard series and chose to pay a little bit more to have the larger bowl and attachments. What’s awesome is that Amazon is already featuring the Black Friday sale for this mixer, it’s normally $459 and it’s $299 with free two day shipping if you are Prime. I can say that this is the time to purchase a KitchenAid anything if you have had your eye on one, Black Friday is the best deal I have seen on these. // 2. Next up we have the iRobot Roomba which was my big Black Friday purchase last year, the verdict is in and we absolutely love it. We have hardwood floors, two dogs and a toddler and this little guy is great for keeping the hair and dustballs from tumble weeding around my home, definitely worth the investment and one you want to snag around Black Friday as far as pricing goes. // 3. Nespresso VertuoPlus and Milk Frother : we have a Nespresso Citiz and frother that we have owned for eight years now and it’s still going strong. I plan on purchasing this one as backup because it’s going to be such a good deal. It retails for $259 normally and will be up on on Wednesday for $124. I am so excited about it. // 4. the Instant Pot is another life changing tool, and definitely my all time favorite kitchen appliance. It’s a rapid pressure cooker / slow cooker / genie for making all things. The best deal you are going to find on these is on Black Friday through Amazon or Target. I personally have the 6qt one and have linked it here (Target) and here (Amazon). Target will have it starting Wednesday and Amazon will be dropping the price on Friday. // 5. Lastly, we have the Apple TV. We bought one of these back in Hawaii when we decided to cancel our cable and it was such a great investment. We have access to Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix and all of our Itunes purchases. You can also subscribe to different channels which I really prefer over cable because there are only a few channels we actually enjoy watching. The Target Mom holiday gift guide for toddlers and black friday

Candelles, Beautycounter, Branch Basics and Primally Pure are all companies that I adore and use daily in my life. I can’t recommend them enough. All four of these companies believe in toxin free living and safer options for households and everyday life. They are free of harmful ingredients, hormone disrupters and cancer causing agents. Most importantly, the quality of product is top notch. They are all small businesses that have started from the ground up. *These companies haven’t released their Black Friday promotions yet but as soon as they do I will share them here and on social media so that you can get the most bang for your buck*. As much as I love Target and Amazon, I really do encourage you to look into getting some of your holiday gifts from small businesses. It’s important to help companies that prioritize their customer’s health and safety flourish. The majority of my gifting items will be purchased through these four companies this year. I will still be making my Target trips (duh haha) but I’ll be gifting from Primally Pure, Branch Basics, Candelles and Beautycounter.

The Target Mom holiday gift guide for toddlers and black fridayI’ve only linked a few of these items because some of them have not gone live on Target and won’t until Wednesday. I’ll add them as soon as possible, in the meantime, to shop any of the Black Friday deals starting on Wednesday please use this link

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