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January 21, 2020

The Bachelor Week 3 Recap: Jed 2.0

Hello, Bachelor Nation! What better way to end a three day weekend than with some cat fights, tears and some serious fame whoring?

We are back and production wastes absolutely no time panning to our Champagne Sisters who can be found outside the mansion crying over the drama from last week’s group date. Both Hannah Ann and Kelsey are about to fizz over (see what I did there?) as they whine to two different women (who shall remain nameless because they don’t matter) about how mistreated they were. Kelsey and Hannah Ann sit down to hash it out and argue over the definition of the word “bully”. Can we all just take a moment to recognize how absurd this confrontation is? I checked out after Hannah Ann said “I am not a champagne stealer” for the fourth time. Eye roll. I don’t care about Kelsey’s champagne and I don’t care about Hannah Ann’s victim mentality. I’m not even sure if everything is resolved. All we learned was that Kelsey “doesn’t even really like champagne.”

Let’s move forward to Victoria P.’s one-on-one date with Peter. Peter picks her up in a classic vehicle which has never been done in the history of Bachelor dates. Their date starts in a cowboy boot shop where Peter teaches her how to line dance. Surprise, surprise they head out to a random spot to line dance in front of a random country band for their date. As far as Bachelor dates go, this one genuinely seems fun and slightly normal. It’s nice to see a date that someone might go on in real life as opposed to the dates that feature a hot tub in the wilderness that is only accessible by helicopter. Peter and Victoria P. have a cute little chemistry and watching them dance around in an unscripted environment gave me flashbacks to earlier seasons when people actually dated for love and not for a Fab Fit Fun box sponsorship. The nostalgia has me rooting for Victoria P.

Peter and Victoria finish out the second half of their date in an a dimly lit airplane hanger (we get it, ABC, he is a pilot) with dinner and a dress that won’t quit. Our girl wastes no time filling Peter in on her background and opens up about her mom’s struggle with drug abuse. I commend her honesty, that’s not an easy conversation with anyone, let alone for your first date. Peter is ever the gentleman and reassures his lady then offers her the date rose. Get it Victoria P., girl looks crazy good, knows how to “open up” and is for sure a frontrunner.

Back at the house Alayah has had one too many glasses of wine and will not shut up about how she can “get nasty” and how people always assume she is nice because she is in pageants. I have never assumed a pageant girl was nice, so I am not sure where she dug that thought up from. The other girls silently judge her as they eat sandwiches in the kitchen. I don’t know what feminism looks like in 2020 but I am proud to see ABC allowing women to eat on The Bachelor, there have been far too many untouched plates and appetizers in previous seasons.

KNOCK KNOCK, we have been interrupted by a group date card, the lucky ladies this week are Kierra, Sarah, Tammy (who?), Shiann, Kelley, Savannah, Sydney and Alayah. During this little two minute stretch, we learn that Sydney can’t stand Alayah which I am sure we won’t forget soon.

GROUP DATE TIME! Demi Burnett has returned with two random women and they wake the girls by hitting them with pillows and I love it. Demi is reality tv gold she promptly tells the gals “you all look haggard as f***”.

Shortly after, the women find out that they will be pillow fighting each other in lingerie (or as Kiarra pronounces it, “linger-ee”) for Peter’s love… what was it I said about feminism? I take it all back. Onward… after watching everyone take out their frustrations via pillow fighting, Demi proclaims that she will select the two women she has seen the most effort from AKA the two women that production told her to choose for more drama. Can you guess who it is? Alayah and Sydney you say? They wrestle and Alayah is announced the winner. Sydney is pissed and I smell trouble in the future.

Well, it’s the future and it didn’t take long for animosity to brew, we have moved on to the evening portion of the group date. Alayah has definitely pulled out her nice girl facade but Sydney has made it her life’s goal to complain to the cameras about Alayah. I remember my first day of middle school too. The real tragedy this season is how many of these women have an addiction to cheap chandelier earrings.

Peter and Alayah sit down to chat and he tells her that “he has a good feeling about her” even though her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard throughout this whole interaction. When she comes back to sit down, Sydney decides that’s her big girl moment and she asks Alayah “do you even work?” Alayah is as two faced as they come but Sydney sounds like she is seven years old in this exchange and I can’t take it seriously. Alayah tells Sydney “I am just use to being so perfect and prim”. Sydney explains that Alayah needs to learn to be her true self in order to really open up. I am not sure why Sydney is trying to give Alayah advice because none of us knew who she was up until ten minutes ago. Both of these gals have BIP written all over their future.

Sydney pulls Peter aside to let him know that there are women *cough Alayah* who are not there for the right reasons. Peter cuts to the chase and calls Sydney and Alayah out in front of everyone to squash their drama. Can I get an amen? I love that Peter is being direct and not wasting everyone’s time with hushed conversations. Sydney in a round about way tells the group that “Alayah is fake and turns on her personality for the camera.” You would have to be blind to miss Alayah’s fabricated personality but Peter is blinded by the thought of love and ignores the red flags. Side note: Sydney is equally annoying, she isn’t a vigilante and should focus on her own personal relationship, but I won’t complain about this extra drama, it almost makes a two hour episode bearable. Peter reassures Sydney that he appreciates her honesty and gives her the date rose. With that, the night is over.

Our host with the most, Chris Harrison, announces that it’s time for this season’s pool party. I can’t recall a pool party in Bachelor history that didn’t end with tears but let’s see how this one plays out. 98% of the women decide to express their concerns to Peter over Alayah and her ability to “turn it on for the cameras”. Could they have not spoken up a little sooner? like prior to Sydney being left to sink on her own during last night’s date? Geesh. After all this crazy, Peter sits down with Madison who he is so smitten with and it reminds us why we watch week after week. It was sweet to see him happy and not preoccupied with the house drama for about three full minutes.

Fast forward and Jed 2.0 is ready to explain herself and her intentions to Peter. Alayah “feels on top of the world” after her conversation with Peter and in her true fashion, doesn’t shut up about it. Pan to Peter as he tells the cameras that he has feelings for Alayah but definitely sees flags. What is a guy to do? He pulls aside our new frontrunner, Victoria P. and asks her opinion of Alayah. Boy oh boy, Victoria P. delivers. She fills her man in on the fact that Alayah asked her to lie to production and that she was “very open to opportunities that come after The Bachelor” AKA GUMMY BEAR HAIR and BACHELOR IN PARADISE. I think Alayah (#influencer) forgot that Peter is a veteran to the two worst Bachelor villains in franchise history, Luke P and Jed Wyatt… so understandably he is ticked. He pulls Alayah aside again. He confronts her about lying and Alayah sees no issue with her dishonesty. Peter walks off leaving Alayah with the reality that her future 100k followers has left with him and it has her shook. She proceeds to cry on the ground over her lost verified blue checkmark. Chris Harrison shows up to briefly announce that Peter is over it and went home for the day.

It’s time for the rose ceremony! Peter is still visibly annoyed and all of the ladies are stressed too. Alayah looks like she might cut someone or pass out at any given second.

Time to start handing out roses: Kelsey, Hannah Ann, Natasha, Lexi, Madison, Shiann, Kelley, Kierra, Tammy, Savannah and Deandra. In a dramatic moment, Peter walks out of the ceremony to talk to Chris Harrison about how torn he is over Alayah. Chris follows him out and takes one of the final two roses, leaving one rose that will be handed out… and HALLELUJAH, Peter is smarter than Hannah Brown and sends Alayah home. Which means Mykenna gets to stay for another week in the mansion.

We are treated to watching Peter speaking to some producers bts talking about how much he regrets sending Alayah home, which means we haven’t seen the last of her…

Until next week…

What do you think about Peter’s choice to get rid of Alayah? did she deserve to leave or was Sydney just insecure? Are you liking this season? Is Hannah Brown going to pop back up at any given second? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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