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February 8, 2018

Oils: Do they work?

First off, I want to say that I don’t personally sell oils and nothing about this post is sponsored. I don’t share sponsored posts unless it’s something I actually use and love and I will always disclose that it is sponsored if it is. Also, everything shared here is a personal opinion, what works for me may not work for someone else and vice versa.

So most people know that I am a fairly “crunchy” mama but I wasn’t super into oils. It has always felt a little scammy to me, I’m not sure why but spending $30 on an oil to diffuse in my home to kill viruses seemed a little off. Well, I decided to look into it further and actually research how they work / if they work. A lot of moms that I know and respect use them so it was enough of a pull to make me interested in the whole oil world.

I am not going to make this a knockdown drag out post that you have to binge read so I’ll briefly explain what I discovered. From a historical and scientific standpoint there is a lot of data, documentation and facts about herbs and oils working for lifestyle and medical treatments. Obviously, the FDA doesn’t recognize essential oils as a medicinal therapy but these are the same people who will tell you that Cheetos, Pepsi and Fruity Pebbles aren’t toxic to your body. I have a real bone to pick with the FDA but that’s for another post and another day. Back to the oils: they date back to the B.C. time and have been utilized by almost every culture. One of the first documented practices of incorporating oils can be traced to the Egyptians who practiced herbal medicine regularly in their society. India, Greece, Persia and Rome can also be found on this list.

I know what you are thinking, these people didn’t have ibuprofen so of course they would rub lavender oil and peppermint leaves on their foreheads for healing. I completely agree BUT if there is a natural approach that doesn’t have adverse side effects it’s worth checking out. I’m not here to tell you that essential oils are going to fix everything in your life but I have personally found them very effective in certain situations. I have also discovered that sometimes they don’t work like I would like them to and I’ll give you an example of that as well.

 ^ some of my personal favorites to have on hand ^

When I have seen a notable positive difference from using oils:

  • Basically anything skin related in my family has benefited from oils. My husband has psoriasis, my daughter has eczema and I have acne, we are the trifecta of dermatology shame haha. I ended up make different roller balls (see photo) with fractionated coconut oil for each one of us. I am happy to share the recipes if anyone is interested. I will say that the oils have been the only thing to show quick relief for us. I also use a “BABY BALM” by Primally Pure and it works wonders for Hadley as well. Blake can apply his oil and within an hour see a massive reduction in inflammation. I use “Frankensense” on my acne and it clears it up overnight. No joke.
  • Cold and flu symptom relief, I did not think there was anything that could replace my beloved Sudafed but I was proven wrong. I’m about to shed some light on you. You need boiling water in a mug, Lemon, Oregano, Peppermint and Tea Tree (Melaleuca) add one to two drops of each oil in the mug, cover your eyes and breath from a distance. Don’t try to be cool and put your face right over the mug, you will die. Haha but really, it will light your insides on fire if you aren’t careful. I did this four times a day and could not get enough of it, it cleared my head, headaches and made me capable of breathing again. This and a Hot Toddy before bed are all you need to take on your illnesses.
  • Lavender for a natural sleep aid, I have rollers for all of us (properly diluted for kids and adults) and you roll it on the bottom of your feet and the back of your neck. It makes a huge impact on your sleep. I really noticed it with Hadley, on the nights when we would do it she wouldn’t wake up between sleep cycles and fuss, the nights we forgot she would wake up easier. So I started using it for us and it has helped with my ability to fall asleep quicker and to get a heavier sleep.
  • Prevention of illness: I have rollerball blend that I take everywhere and from what I can tell it helps a lot with killing bad bacteria. I obviously don’t know for sure but it seems to help. I’ll share the recipe here shortly.

^ how I make our rollerballs at home ^^ your take everywhere oil to help fight off anything and everything *MUST HAVE* in our home ^

Things I haven’t noticed a difference with:

  • Teething: let me just say that I 100% don’t think there is a cure for teething beyond whiskey on the gums. Judge away, I’ve done it at 2 a.m. with a screaming toddler when my husband was gone and it worked (I will also venture to say that there is less garbage in whiskey than the dye infused Tylenol at Target). Back to the oils: I was told to try lavender on my daughter’s gums and jawline. I did and it didn’t do squat. It could work for other people but it didn’t work for us. ***Update: I was just told to try Copaiba for teething so I’ll give that a whirl and update you after***
  • Mood boost: there is something nice about smelling a good oil in the steam shower or in a diffuser but I don’t believe it particularly boosts my mood beyond a placebo effect. The smell of pizza and the sound of The Bachelor starting are much more likely to release my endorphins.
  • Migraines and really bad headaches: Nope, sorry it didn’t kill my migraine, it did help provide a small amount of relief but in this situation I am popping a massive Motrin and crawling under the covers.

^ cold and flu remedy: oregano, melalueca, lemon and peppermint in a mug of boiling water ^ thank you Kaile for the recipe

I do enjoy diffusing oils for their scent around the home “Wild Orange” and “Grapefruit” are my favorites for everyday use. I still burn candles but I have switched to ones made with oils that don’t have a bunch of toxins in them. The oils are a nice touch to our lives and I have seen a direct positive impact that is strong enough for me to continue to use them and back them. I have included some photos in this post of the items I use and the oils I really love having. I don’t have a preference between Young Living and Doterra, both companies are awesome and I love the quality oils they produce. If you don’t know anyone that sells them I am more than happy to point you in the direction of my gals: Kaile Monroe for Dottera and Maria Lamb for Young Living.^I’m 100% obsessed with this diffuser, it connects to my iphone, has soothing spa music built in, a timer and changes colors but it was a small fortune. If you are looking for something more affordable than Amazon is where it is at.^

This was a pretty basic introduction to oils and how we use them but I am happy to dive deeper and list recipes, which oils are safe for kids and so on if there is an interest, just let me know 🙂


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