it's all about

the must haves

my favorite things

1. Beautycounter makeup: safe makeup that is free of toxins, hormone disrupters and cancer causing ingredients. It's safe and it works! I use it daily.  2. Third love 24/7 bra and nursing bra, these bras are AMAZING. They make half sizes and allow you try them out before committing to the purchase. 3. Primally Pure Natural Deodorant:  There is no better natural deodorant out there, I have been using them for years and will never go back. I am not kidding when I say it is the magical unicorn of natural deodorants. 4.Primally Pure Cleansing Oil, this and the Fancy Face Serum is all I use to wash my face and it is the only thing I have tried that has eliminated my acne all while making my skin glow. 5. Candelles (soy candles with essential oils for fragrance) aka headacheless candles that smell like heaven, Fig and Sugar and Pumpkin Roll are my current favorites. 6. Beautycounter Sheer Lipstick in Twig, feels like smooth silky butter and hydrates your lips all while giving you a nice subtle pop of color. 

*for any primally pure first time orders use the code kylie10 to receive 10% off of your entire order. i am an affiliate of primally pure but only because i absolutely love them, i used their products for over a year before endorsing them as an affiliate. they are incredible*