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September 19, 2017

Cloth Diapering 101

Before you roll your eyes, just know that a few months ago I  have been the mom rolling my eyes with you. I consider myself rather “crunchy” as far as mom life goes but I never (I repeat, never) thought I would even consider cloth diapering. My best friend, Lindsay actually bought me my first pack of diapers. I had no intention of trying them myself, but after she gifted them to me I felt like I needed to be polite and at least give it a try. Fast forward to today where we are going on three months of cloth and one week of NO disposables (even overnight, gasp!) I’m not here to preach about being all natural or saving the environment, even though those are some massive pros to using cloth. If for no other reason, you should consider it for the financial savings. The average household spends $2500 on disposable diapers for their kiddos, the average investment for cloth is around $500 AND you get to reuse them long term. Plus they are super cute and easy. So why not?

So how does it work you ask? Lemme break it down:

Step one: Pick your prints, I am aware that I could get gender neutral prints and save even more money in the long run but I am a sucker for cute things which means I want all the girly patterns. I ordered my first set of Charlie Banana diapers on Amazon because I love prime shipping, it was made for impatient gals like me.

Step two: Wash your diapers and inserts (low heat and an extra rinse) I use the detergent by Charlie Banana because I was in the market for a good natural detergent. You want to use a good, natural cleaner because the cloth is coming into contact with your baby. A lot of detergents out there have harsh chemicals that you definitely don’t want touching your baby’s sensitive area. Seventh Day Advantage is also a great buy from Target and comes in liquid form too.

Step three: Stuff inserts into diaper pocket (one large on bottom and a small on top) make sure to keep the tags up at the top of the diaper so it makes the inserts easier to remove for washing. Also lay a “liner” on top of the inside of the diaper, this is basically a flushable poop net. Baby poops, you pick up the liner and flush it down the toilet. We don’t use liners right now because Hadley has moved onto solid foods which means her poop is solid and super easy to dump in the toilet. I do HIGHLY recommend them for mamas starting cloth for the first time.

Step four: Diaper your kiddo. The snaps along the waistband adjust for a snug fit and the elastic in the legs is also adjustable in sizes of S, M and L. The great thing about this system is that unless your baby is less than ten pounds the diapers will work for the long run as they grow.

Step five: Wait for them to go potty. Take off the diaper, dispose liner with poop or pee, pull out inserts from pocket by tags and throw them in a wet bag for laundry day. I do laundry every other day right now and it’s been super easy and efficient. I don’t like to let the diapers sit longer because it can start to smell funky.

What do you do if you are out and about and your baby needs a diaper change? PANIC! haha just kidding. There are a couple of options, if you are using your normal setup just remove the diaper and inserts and throw them in a small wet bag (linked here) and change out the diaper for a new one. Charlie Banana also makes disposable inserts (cause they have thought of everything) you don’t put these in the pocket, just inside the diaper because you want them to catch the pee and be thrown away. If you know you have a long day out you can definitely try the disposable inserts to avoid carrying around a wet bag of diapers.

*A little tip, the more your wash the inserts the more absorbent they become and the less fluffy they look. I also like to add in a couple drops of lavender oil to the inserts in the dryer to keep them smelling fresh.*

Next up: How to style this cute little babies.

Cute little tops and socks are my absolute favorite thing to pair with our diapers. Target, Old Navy and even Amazon have some super affordable tops that can easily be dressed up or down. For things like church, we typically do a dress or bloomers over the diaper.

Overall, we are SO happy with our transition to cloth. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy cloth diapering can be. If you have any questions at all please feel free to message me! There is also a ton of information on Charlie Banana’s website, they even have video tutorials on how to get started.



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